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Massiel Pena, OWNER

Massiel Pena Group one of the best child care centers in the USA. Massiel Pena is a CPR and First Aid Certified with the Child Development Associate Credential. She is also fingerprinted for the Department of Education and the Department of Health. Having consummate expertise in management practices, and the ability to nurture children, Massiel Pena has been successfully running her child care center in the USA. Utilizing her learning experiences during the certifications she has obtained, her aim is to make Massiel Pena Group the best child care center in the USA.

"Throughout my career, I have prided myself on the connections that I've made with the children that attend our daycare. Massiel Pena Group Family Daycare facility in the USA strives to offer the best care, in a nurturing environment. Growing up I volunteered in a child care center near me and realized that I gravitated toward that profession. I became a mother at a young age and became passionate about child care and child care services. I realized that I wanted to provide a safe place for children to stay while their parents worked to provide for them. With MassielPenaGroup underway, I strived to build a child care center in the USA as perfect as the one I would entrust my own children with. I have been working with children for two years, licensed. Empathy is a huge part of what motivates my mission. When I had my children and the time came to find reliable services to watch them while I worked, the anxiety was crippling. So many emotions run through you as your role changes from a woman to a mother, from a man to a father. I know how life changes, and that everyone wants what is best for their child, no matter what age they choose to come to the daycare center. I have made it my goal to create a place where parents can make that transition with ease and am proud to say that parents who have chosen Massiel Pena Child Care Center in the USA, have found this that this is the right place for them. Each new child is a new journey for me, and I make sure to take care of each new face that walks through my door with the same love and dedication as those who have been regularly attending."

Please take a moment to read through our site and learn more about the Massiel Pena Group Family Daycare facility in the USA. Here you will find information about our mission, our facilities, professional daycare staff, and much more. Being an entrepreneur and exploring all areas of child care and daycare centers in the USA, I have learned that having an open relationship with each parent is extremely important for the stability of their child. I welcome any questions you may have about our child daycare and invite you to contact me via the "contact" page or directly at

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Happy Clients Testimony

Massiel Peña Group Family Daycare facility in the USA is a perfect place for the care and development of our children, the dedication, love, and enthusiasm that Massiel and her Professional Daycare Staff in the USA offers are undeniably the best. My daughter has been in the program with her since she was 4 months and I am so happy with the way she is developing physically and academically.
Massiel sends families bi-weekly photos and videos of the activities that children do on their day to day basis. I am extremely grateful to Massiel and her professional daycare staff for everything they have done and continue to do for my daughter. I recommend her to any family looking for a great nurturing, safe, and happy daycare program for their child.

Natalie Molina

Have the greatest appreciation and gratitude for Massiel’s childcare center in the USA. When I enrolled my daughter she was behind in her speech development. But with Massiel and her team she now talks more than ever. They have a curriculum activities for
the kids while incorporating fun. It is a safe and loving environment. My four year old daughter is now ready for pre-k because she has learned so much from being there. They contributed a great significance to my daughter’s development. I wouldn’t have it any other way, my daughter and I are beyond satisfied. I wouldn’t trust anyone else but Massiel and her professional daycare staff with my Gabby.

Yamilet Rosario

I enrolled my son at Massiel Pena Group a Family Daycare facility in the USA. When he was 2 years old and I feel like ever since that day my son’s life has changed completely. I truly can say that the amount of attention there is to detail and support given over the years can’t be thanked enough. The teachers are very friendly; the daycare is very clean and organized. It has been worth every penny and gives me the peace of mind knowing that my child is in good hands. I would recommend this establishment to anyone without hesitation. It has enabled my son to be outgoing, independent and respectful of others. We are so proud and thankful for the staff at Massiel Pena Family Daycare Group in the USA for their continual help and guidance over the years.

Yamileks Nuñez

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