Economy and Child Day Care Centers: How Do the Two Correlate? 

The child care industry is an economic driver in the USA. Child day care centers promote early childhood education and provide support to working parents. These centers play a significant role in bringing a positive impact on the economy and creating room for better employment opportunities.

According to a report by the Committee of Economic Development (CED), “child care has an economic impact of $99.3 billion.”

With this enormous economic impact observed in 2019, it’s evident that child daycare centers in the USA have a strong correlation with the economy of the country.  Therefore, all the best daycare centers drive the success factors for the country’s economic development by supporting parents and educating children.

Let’s understand how these two things correlate with each other from different perspectives.

1.   Workforce Mobilization

There are more than 600,000 child care programs throughout the USA. These family daycare centers are employment promoters for people as they generate an additional 500,000 jobs a year, excluding the daycare staff.

With a total of 1.5 million staff workers in the child care industry, it’s getting easier for women to work without inconveniences. For companies, child care centers have made the mobilization of workforces easier, which includes parents mostly.

Regarding employment, these centers continue to create better work opportunities for the labor staff and the parents- impacting the whole economy.

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2.   Early Childhood Education

Children are a vital part of the economy. Understanding educational needs are essential for the growing economy. Child day care centers ensure to provide early childhood education and support to children of all ages.

Parents don’t mind paying a hefty amount of money to enroll their child in a USA daycare. They prefer working for hours while dropping their children off at daycare centers so they can afford a healthy lifestyle for the family.

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3.   Public Investments

James Heckman- an ingenious Economist, first asked the US officials to invest in child care. Later on, the govt found these investments to be suitable for the children and the growth of the economy.

Hence, now, investing in family daycare centers has become an extensive part of the child care industry. Visitors and Foreigners in the USA are investing more in educational learning because these investments prove to be more beneficial as compared to other investments. They propose higher returns in the form of better education and financial gains.

4.   Economic Development

Last year, the country earned a $47.2 billion revenue as per the CED report and an additional $52.1 billion in local economies. With a number of growing family daycare centers, it’s quite clear that the economy is also growing in terms of health, education, employment, investments, and whatnot. These factors determine the success rate of the country and represent the USA on a national and international level. Hence, the bond between the economy and child care centers is essential to strengthening economic development.

5.   Cost of Quality Care

The cost of quality care is indeed very expensive. Moreover, low-income families face trouble sending their kids to any best daycare center. That’s why they prefer low-cost care centers for their children. On the contrary, the healthiest families prefer license care and state of the art educational facilities for their children.

It can be a setback in terms of wealth and status and can create a negative impact on the economy. However, free child care centers provide a balancing effect as they offer the same quality education to young children, shaping their future in the long-run. The government is finding new ways to make investments to reduce the child care cost for families and eliminate it from the economy.

6.   Cost of Recruiting and Retaining Staff

Recruiting and retaining staff is as important as establishing child care centers. The child care industry spends millions to maintain quality education with the availability of a well-trained staff. As a professional daycare staff and EL, teachers contribute a massive part to the growth of the country’s economy. Thus, the child care industry considers them an asset for greater economic development in the long-term.

7.   Healthy Development

A healthier development in the physical and mental capabilities of children leads to the betterment of the country. These child day care centers provide quality facilities to children with special needs and disabilities too.

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The USA daycare centers ensure that these children and their families receive the same treatment as other children as they are also an integral part of the economy. Overall, the child care support system considers children’s ages as the main source of economic development and continues to opt for healthier ways of educating them.

8.   Business Support

With increasing access to child care facilities, there has been an increase in the productivity of the business owners too. One of the factors that lead to stagnant growth is the lack of child care as it increases the turnover rate and slows down productivity. Hence, it’s becoming more convenient for parents now to work as employers and for these centers to support businesses as they contribute to the economy of the USA equally.

9.   Higher Earnings

A country determines its strong economic footing through higher earnings and revenue growth. Labor force participation has increased the rate of wages too. With the increase of mothers’ earning potential, it’s getting easier to achieve a sense of financial stability and security for children.

Child poverty is reducing due to rising child care centers and higher earnings of the labor staff, particularly women while creating a positive impact on the economy.

Wrapping Up

Economy and Child Day Care Centers share an unbreakable bond as they both are valuable for the country’s development.

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The best part about USA daycare centers is that they provide quality care and a modern learning curriculum according to the present educational needs. They support children, parents, laborers, staff members, and business owners and make room for good investments to eradicate poverty in children and promote healthy educational activities in them.